what is casting iron!
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Most of us are aware of the term sand casting processes and other related methods used to make iron into a useful product. Casting iron is an alloy made up of different proportions of products. The important metals used in the process are carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous and sulfur, these are the major one and the percentage of each element different while the process of casting iron is carried out. It is actually a process through which the desired quality iron is made into useful and in demand products.

The process through which casting of iron is done:

This process is carried out in a blast furnace with a very high temperature so that the element used to make the cast iron are melted properly and mixed with each other. All these elements are melted in a furnace and poured into stencils of different shapes. Then when the manufacturers receive the order, these iron pellets are shifted to the purchaser’s location. They can then either sell it to other company or use the iron to make different machinery products required in construction purposes. The prices of each cast iron piece differ with the company producing it.

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